Special Show! explained

Unfortunately the animation source code for The Special Show! was lost in the Great Disk Crash of 1997. A truly unfortunate experience resulting from a hasty decision to attempt compression of a very crowded hard drive. A bad idea poorly executed.

All I can say is that I used Chris Colefax's explode plug-in.   If you use POV-Ray and don't know about Chris' work then I definitely encourage you to go to his site to check out what he has done.  He shares his programming handiwork so the rest of us can add unique new levels of interest to our raytraced designs.

The plug-ins he has written can be complicated and time consuming to understand and use but they are very well documented.  If you don't' understand it, take a break and come back to it later.  Plunge in and you'll eventually get it all to work.

I only wish the plug-ins would work seamlessly with a slick GUI-based modeller like Moray.


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